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The secret to a successful SEM campaign is much more than just making your website appear on Google. Other SEM agencies in Singapore would just set your ads to appear on Google, and leave it there. These campaigns are not performing up to its optimal level.


While there are many messaging apps available for people, email is still the most used method in the corporate world to communicate with clients, send them personalized messages according to their preferences, and persuade them to make purchases. What’s better than your target audience receiving personalized messages whenever you are about to release a new product or have a sale coming up? 


Take Advantage of Email Marketing for Better Brand Recognition

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Grab Attention With Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns

Letting your potential customers know beforehand what new things you are introducing in your business creates a sense of curiosity and excitement and when it’s the day of launch, you get to see your products sold out in the first hour. This scenario can only happen if your email marketing campaign is up to mark and doesn’t end up in people’s spam emails.


Thankfully, the email marketing specialists at HyperMmedia have your back and can create attention-grabbing email marketing campaigns that can bring sales and drive an ROI higher than your expectations. 

Ultimate Secret to Increase Sales When Done Right

Email marketing is sending automated, personalized messages to your pre-existing clients through different email service providers (ESPs). These emails include messages for new product launches, and seasonal offers going on, or when a visitor leaves your website without completing your desired action. 

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Email Marketing Services at HyperMmedia

Take Advantage of the Best Email Marketing Services in USA

To learn more about HyperMmedia’s services as an email marketing agency for small businesses, contact us now and reach your specific business goals.

Email Marketing Performance Audit and Strategy

Our email marketing specialists review the performance of your previous email marketing campaigns to see if they were written in the correct format with proper subject lines, call-to-actions, and good email design. We also review your email list to analyze the number of people subscribed and unsubscribed. Then, we create strategies for your new email marketing campaigns and target people based on demographics for a successful ROI-driven campaign.

Custom Template Design and Development

As one of the best companies in email marketing, we make sure to accommodate you according to your brand’s unique identity. We design custom templates that are well-responsive to all users and screen sizes. Additionally, we help you transfer your email template to your desired email service provider so you can immediately start sending your emails to your newsletter subscribers. We also run the emails through various tools to check for any required changes making them perfect to send to users.

Email Marketing Management

Our email marketing management service includes managing your entire email campaigns. For instance, is it reaching your target audience, are you getting your desired results, is your email list updated, and does it have the potential to reach your specific goals? If we observe any faults in these areas, we revise the emails with better content and come up with new strategies to make them reach a wider audience in your industry.

eCommerce Email Marketing Service

Are you looking for some good email marketing services for your eCommerce store? HyperMmedia provides the best eCommerce email marketing services in USA with complete previous email campaign reviews, strategies to convey the message of your brand to a wider audience, designing email templates according to your customer preferences, curating content to add to the email, and analyzing your email list to check whether the provided emails are still active or not. We continuously work to improve your email marketing campaigns and help obtain your specific business goals.

Email Newsletter Service

Are you looking for email newsletter services for your brand? Our email marketing experts create an updated list of emails subscribed to your newsletter. We use RSS-to-email feeds to send the latest updates directly from your website to your subscribers. We also customize the content in your emails to match your customer's preferences so that they can take your desired action.

Email Blast Service

Email blast service refers to sending the same email to your entire email list at the same time but it always has a high chance of ending up in the spam folder which means all your efforts and investment can go to waste. But don’t worry because HyperMmedia specializes in email marketing services and we divide your email list based on demographics like gender, age, location and user action on your website. Then, with the help of our web designers and content writers, we curate user-friendly email designs and messages that catch readers' attention and lead them to take your desired action leading to increased ROI.

The proof is in the numbers

What is Email Marketing

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If email marketing is done right, it can become your most powerful tool to earn high revenue. Now, email marketing is quite easy but tricky work to do. That’s because most of the time, people don’t read emails sent by businesses which is why they end up in spam and your efforts get wasted. However, HyperMmedia offers email marketing services where we work to create personalized emails for your customers after analyzing the user preferences and what can make them click the email and visit your website.

How HyperMmedia Approaches Customers Through Email Marketing Services

Our Way of Working As An Email Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

The email marketing experts at HyperMmedia first analyze the user behaviour and then curate emails according to customer preferences and place clear call-to-actions (CTAs) which urge the readers to click on your website and place orders. Then, we test multiple email campaigns to analyze which one is showing results like email clicks, reading time of the email, and visiting the website to convert into sales.

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Once we have an idea of which type of emails are according to the customer interests, we curate some more like them and use ESPs to send them to your customers. This strategic approach of HyperMmedia allows you to build close relationships with your customers, increase brand recognition, and drive sales resulting in 100% more ROI than any other digital marketing service

Client Testimonials

Client Reviews for HyperMmedia’s Email Marketing Services in USA

HyperMmedia’s e-commerce email automation services brought a 20% boost in sales for our boutique. Their strategic approach makes them an amazing choice for small businesses, truly living up to their reputation as an email marketing agency for small businesses.


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5000+ Client reviews


FAQs Related to Email Marketing Services

Looking to learn more about paid search management for your business? Browse our FAQs:

Email marketing involves curating personalized messages for your target audience during product promotion days, seasonal offers and even when you publish something on your blog. This method helps your target audience stay updated about your business and builds brand recognition on a larger scale. It helps generate leads and convert them into long-term sales.

HyperMmedia makes sure to provide email marketing services that follow email regulations and are customized for your customers to represent your brand. We avoid sending the same message to your entire email list at the same time and divide different emails based on demographics so they can reach more people and get read as well.

HyperMmedia works as an email marketing agency for small businesses and the email marketing process includes analyzing your previous marketing campaigns to monitor the response received. Then, we design email templates that are user-friendly and have clear call-to-actions enabling the customers to take your desired action resulting in increased ROI.

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